Tackling a Solar Canvassing Mission in Three Easy Steps

Jon from SolarList here. Having done a fair amount of solar canvassing myself, I know that at the outset, the organization and time commitment can seem daunting. However, I can promise you that it’s more straightforward than it seems. You can make an impact in three simple steps:

1: Get in touch with your team, or even a single motivated friend, and schedule an hour or two of canvassing time on a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon.

2: Find a couple good solar streets on Google Earth, or ask us to recommend a route for you.

3: Head over to your targeted neighborhood and just knock on some doors. Proceed to educate homeowners on the solar potential of their roofs, using the SolarList Mobile Assessment App.

That’s it. The main thing is to just get yourself out there. Once you’ve interacted with a few homeowners, you’ll realize that a lot of people actually want to learn about solar and YOU have the power to educate them. After that, the canvassing experience becomes seriously rewarding.

Let us know if you want any help organizing missions. That’s what we’re here for!

Best of luck, solarists. Keep at it, and together we’ll spark a solar revolution.