Build your clean energy career and bring solar to your community, even if you don’t have a roof.

How it works

A community of Solarists use our app to help their family, friends, neighbors and other networks go solar. Offer homeowners a free solar assessment by sharing a unique link, or knock on their door and walk them through the process using our mobile app. Either way we’ll track your solar impact. You can even earn rewards or raise money for charity. It’s completely free to sign up and you can get started today.


Join a Community & talk to homeowners

Teams of Solarist in campuses and cities around the country organize meetups and coordinate canvassing missions. Work as a team to educate homeowners about the benefits of going solar.

Make a real impact

This isn’t your average petition drive. Solarists make a measurable and concrete impact helping real homeowners shift their energy use to clean energy. SolarList will help you track your impact in our app.

Earn rewards or help a charity

Each homeowner you sign up earns you points. We regularly run competitions to recognize top Solarists. Points can also be redeemed for prizes or be converted to a donation to your favorite charity or cause.
Solarist's tell the world why they're taking action to help people go solar.

I think this app is so great and is giving a very tangible way for students to help homeowners go solar. I feel confident in my ability to communicate with homeowners about solar with regards to how it can help them and the environment, but without solarlist I wouldn’t have the avenue of legitimacy. I am an environmental studies and economics major at Brown University and have been looking for a way to tie these concentrations together to make a real-world positive affect. Solarlist allows me to do just that. By showing homeowners how they can save money while reducing their carbon footprint I have had a rewarding learning experience this semester! Some people are resistant to this change and opt not to take the assessment, but each person that comes to the door gives me an opportunity to spread the word about solar. I hope to continue my success into the spring and add value to the many stakeholders that I work with in the Providence community.  – Tyler Rice, Brown University

Tyler Rice

I know the solar revolution will play a big part in combating climate change! I am studying the technology, economics, and politics of renewable energy and climate change because I think that I will need to know about all of them to make any substantial change in the world’s energy systems. – Gabe Rissman, Yale University


With the finite supply of more traditional energy sources being depleted at an increasing rate now is more important than ever to switch to cleaner and renewable energy sources and to educate as many people as possible about these alternative sources of energy.  – Paul Gray, Arizona State University

Paul Gray

Solar energy has great potential yet remains largely unrecognized. CT has a great resource of sunlight, which can be transformed into usable forms of energy and reduce unwanted pollution or waste of fossil fuels in great amounts. Moreover, going solar is economically profitable.  – Yupei Guo, Yale University


Why consume energy when you can generate energy? With solar energy, we can save money on our electric bill and decrease in our carbon foot print.  – Srikanth Gangam, Arizona State University


SolarList fills a necessary niche and provides an opportunity for us weekend conservationists to affect change in a world we’re passionate about.  – Noah Dickerman, Bard University


I believe renewable energy is a crucial part of the solution to climate change, and I think that involving as many people in the effort as possible is very important. Solar power has the added benefit of being cost-effective over the course of its life and reducing dependency on fossil fuels.  – Emma Ryan, Yale University


To propagate a grid-independent society. Optimizing this technology in the 1st world has 2 benefits: it allows for advancements & translations into 3rd world areas which will improve quality of life, & it shifts responsibility of energy generation to individuals which raises environmental awareness.  – Sebastian Husein, Arizona State University


For the health of our world—our lungs, our food security, our ecosystems and our future economy—we need to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Solar is such an easy and effective way to get lots of people involved in that transition!  – Sam Martin, Yale University