MC Jumping Out of a Plane

Solarists in Action: Michael Conti is crushing it

This is public notice that my co-founder, Michael, is an absolute badass rock star.

Tomorrow night I will be at an epic Halloween party. The party from Random Acts of Halloween, is Michael’s brainchild. On a whim three years ago he decided he would build a non-profit that throws a huge party for hundreds of his friends and raises thousands of dollars to be donated to an underserved and unsuspecting NY-based charity. Last year 750+ people had the time of their lives and Urban Assembly got an unexpected check for several thousand dollars. This year the party is nearly sold out and on track to donate even more to an as yet named charity.

But, I want brag a little more about MC.

He almost single-handedly keeps dozens of Solarists engaged and active on our platform tirelessly emailing, calling, meeting with, hanging out with and solving problems for a growing network of awesome students and young people.

Michael is a master of getting large groups of people to do awesome stuff. He runs Young Professionals in Energy, an NYC networking group for aspiring energy geeks that he grew to a 5,000 member powerhouse.

He’ll probably post a comment below being all humble and say, “No no I have a ton of help.” Don’t let that fool you because getting people to pitch in is part of his genius.

You might be thinking, wow this guy does a lot of work, he probably just spends all day emailing and never goes outside or does any other incredibly fun stuff. WRONG!

As you probably suspected he spends his weekend jumping out of planes as an avid skydiver. Michael used to ride his motorcycle every weekend upstate to the drop zone until he was in a serious accident. He totaled his bike and his leg in the process and spent months recovering.

Barely over a year later he recently capped his complete recovery with a 300mi NYC-to-DC bicycle Climate Ride, raising money for climate causes (and launching his own line of honey) in the process. Read the incredible story here.

Of course he crushed it. His total preparation for the strenuous trip: a single 60 mile joy ride the weekend before the race. Nauseating I know!

Keep up the good work brother. #FistBump

If you want chat with Michael about throwing an epic for a good cause, hit him up on Twitter with #PartyForGood. He loves it when I volunteer him to do stuff.
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