The Competition

During the inaugural intercollegiate SolarBowl, college Solarist Teams have one mission:

Educate as many homeowners across America about their solar potential and verify each homeowner’s education with the SolarList Assessment App.

The winning team will have educated more homeowners by end of the competition than any other team.


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SolarBowl Challenge Calendar

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Competition Calendar

The competition begins on October 1st and concludes on November 15th

The grand prize winner will be announced to the world shortly after the end of the competition


Solarist Team registration deadline

Teams who wish to participate must have submitted their registration by October 1st.


Who can register a Solarist Team

Solarist Team’s require a captain (AKA a SolarList Campus Fellow).  There can only be one Fellow per campus and this person is responsible for creating a team profile and submitting registration information to SolarList by October 1st.


How to register a Solarist Team

SolarList Fellows must register their college team on the SolarBowl Platform: SolarBowl Platform


Team size

A Solarist Team can be as few as one person

There is no limit to the total number of team members


Joining an existing Solarist Team

Any active student may join a registered Solarist Team at any point throughout the competition.



Your Team earns points everytime you educate a homeowners about their solar potential, and verify your findings with the SolarList Desktop or Mobile Solar Assessment Tool

>> 1 homeowner educated = 1 point earned

>> 1 “qualified” homeowner (someone who can go solar and wants to go solar) = 10 points earned


How to win

Accrue as many points as possible by educating homeowners about their solar potential and verify each homeowner’s education with the SolarList Assessment App.

Solarists may also use their unique referral code and share the desktop version of SolarList’s Solar Assessment Tool via email, facebook, twitter, or any other means as a way to leverage network effects for the benefit of their Solarist Team’s campaign.


What do we win?!?!?!?!

SolarList is organizing a stellar group of sponsors who are all stoked to support the SolarBowl with a variety of prizes

Individual Solarist Rewards

As a Solarist participating in SolarBowl, you are still entitled to all of the personal benefits of educating homeowners about solar.

For every homeowner who you educate that can go solar and is interested to be connected to one of the installers in SolarList’s Approved Installer Network, we will either pay you a commission or donate that commission to a green charity of your choosing.  Woot Woot!

Solarist Team Grand Prize

The team whose Solarists earns the most points by midnight, November 15th will be named Champion of the inaugural SolarBowl.

SolarList will sponsor a SOLARFEST at your campus!  The SOLARFEST is an event dedicated entirely to celebrate your college’s sustainability initiatives.  SolarList will organize and bring a wide variety of companies to your campus that offer careers in solar and other clean energy technologies, cleanweb, and sustainability management.  We’ll also bring companies that are making some pretty awesome products (think: electric vehicle car rides, solar powered, wireless cellphone charges, etc.)

Solarist Team micro challenge prizes

Everyone who participates in the SolarBowl is a winner.

For the Solarist Teams that earn the most points during our micro challenge sprints, we will award additional prizes from our sponsors (think internships and awesome products.)


How to get creative with winning

Rally your team; plan your day by looking at a Google map of the area surrounding your campus and visually identifying residential areas that are free from dense tree cover and have homes that appear to have south-facing roofs; hit the streets and canvass!

Schedule a table at a farmers market, outside your college’s book store on a day when a lot of parents will be on campus, or just post up on a street corner outside of an outdoor store… open up your laptop to the SolarList homepage, and ask everyone who walks by if they’d like a free, third-party home solar assessment.

Send an email with your unique referral link to the desktop version of SolarList’s Solar Assessment Tool with your parents and ask them to send the link to their friends.  Send it to your extended family.  Post stories about your favorite homeowner education experience on facebook, twitter, or any other social media outlet as a way to leverage network effects.


How SolarList lets you raise money for a green charity without asking for money

Ever raised money for charity before and feel awkward about asking everyone in your network to give you money?  Well, SolarList is giving you the opportunity to raise money for charity by adding value to everyone in your personal network without having to ask for a dime!  All you have to say is that you’re raising money for charity by giving away free, third-party solar assessments.  For every person who you identify that can go solar that you validate with SolarList’s Desktop or Mobile Solar Assessment Tool, SolarList will donate cash to the green charity of your choosing.


Micro challenges

Every day of the competition there will be a new micro challenge for Solarist Teams to earn bonus points for their efforts

Micro challenges will be posted on October 1st to SolarBowl Competition Platform


How to show your participation in SolarBowl on your resume

SolarBowl team leaders (AKA, SolarList Campus Fellows) can use text similar to this on their resume:

> Recruited and managed a team of X# Solarist’s to compete in the inaugural SolarBowl, an intercollegiate competition designed to educate homeowners about their solar economic potential

> Point-person with my college sustainability office and SolarList’s executive management team

> Employed targeted homeowner identification strategies to optimize our teams resource constraints and maximize our team’s prospects of winning the intercollegiate SolarBowl

> Personally educated Y# of homeowners over a 6 week period

SolarList Campus Fellow

Create or join a team and register yourself for the SolarBowl...