SolarBowl 2013

SolarList’s SolarBowl is a competition that challenges collegiate teams to educate as many homeowners across the country about their solar economic potential. The winner of the competition is the team that has educated the most homeowners, verified by SolarList’s award winning mobile Solarist Assessment App.

The first ever competition officially begins on October 1st and the winning Solarist Team will be determined after the six week fall solar season, on November 15th.

The competition is open to any US college and is free of charge. College students who wish to register a Solarist Team for their school must do so by October 1st. Registered teams can add members to their team all throughout the competition.

Solarist Teams compete to win a number of awesome prizes for team members as well as their college.

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Purpose and Impact

1)  Educate as many homeowners in America about how they can benefit from solar energy.

2) Targeted homeowner education and empowerment will foster much faster adoption of residential PV systems in the US.

3) There are thousands of college students across the country who are even more passionate about solar energy than many professionals in the industry itself, however, this massive labor pool is underutilized by the solar industry.  College students are passionate about sustainability and motivated to take action and help people go solar.

4) In order to fulfill its mission to Help People Go Solar, SolarList is orchestrating the first SolarBowl to support college students desire to make an impact and educate as many homeowners across the country about their solar economic potential.

5) All homeowner who are educated during the competition will receive an instant, free third-party solar fairness opinion, via either the SolarList Mobile or Web-Assessment App, in addition to a concise, no-BS information bulletin about what to consider and how to evaluate solar energy system proposals.


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