We’re building a movement to help every homeowner adopt clean affordable solar energy, one rooftop at a time.

Making the process of going solar easier for everyone

Going solar is complicated. We want to make it simple. Awesome software empowers a community of motivated solar advocates who help others go solar.


Make it super easy for homeowners

Running the numbers and choosing a solar provider can be a complicated process. While we work with the best solar installers, our only goal is to educate homeowners and make the process as painless as possible.

Empower Solarists

Students and activists are an absolute tidal wave of potential energy for the solar market. Our app allows them to create education and action on a human level with their friends, communities and networks.

Connect the industry with powerful software

We connect educated and qualified homeowners with vetted and trusted solar installers. Our suite of apps makes the entire process smooth and efficient for everybody involved. Reducing costs and friction in the market.
Help People Go Solar

for students and young people

One rooftop at a time

SolarList believes that by using software to empower  motivated students we can help shift our energy usage to clean affordable renewable energy.

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