Figuring out if solar makes sense for you can be complicated. We make it simple.


Give us two minutes of your time and get a free solar assessment for your home.

Our software will walk you through a few quick questions and then show you SolarList opinion of the potential costs and benefits of going solar immediately. There’s no obligation, you don’t have to give us any personal info if you don’t want to.

Review the solar potential of your roof, financing options and savings in your detailed report.

We use the industry’s best financial models to show you the potential return on investment of going solar. We’re not here to sell you anything and we will even tell you when things don’t look so attractive.  The report is yours to keep, come back and run it again any time.

Choose a SolarList-qualified and vetted solar installer in your community

If you like what you see you can securely give us your contact information and we will put in touch with up to three vetted solar installers who will give you a firm quote for your review. We’re always here if you have any questions throughout the process.

Spread the word to friends and neighbors, and increase your solar impact even more

SolarList will provide you with a unique link that you can use to help your community go solar. We’ll track anybody who signs up and give you credit. Share the solar love and earn rewards for helping other save money with solar too!

We’re so committed to helping people go solar that we’ll even send a Solarist to your house to talk you through it. Request a home visit.

What you get completely for FREE with SolarList


Learn if your area has good sunlight

Highly accurate solar output estimates provided technology built by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado.

Learn if your roof is suitable for solar

We can quickly eliminate certain roofs that are not suitable for solar and tell you how your specific roof layout can improve or worsen your solar potential.

Find out what free incentives and benefits you qualify for

We do the work finding all the tax credits, renewable energy credits, rebates and local incentives you qualify for.

See how much you could be saving by going solar

Skip the spreadsheets, we show you what it all adds up to in our beautiful web report.

Plus SolarList will help guide you through each step!